Kuhlekt Better Debtor Management

How: Through functional systematic processes in client interactions.
Why: Reduced DSO increased Company liquidity, Bad debt minimization.

Kuhlekt Easy Access to Information

Dashboards drive daily function and staff accountability through transparency.

Kuhlekt Cloud Computing

A secure safe and proven SaaS application with No IT footprint

Kuhlekt Application Workflows

Process Workflows and task automation gets results and drives performance.

Kuhlekt Right For Your Business

Every AR department will benefit from the Kuhlekt key features and benefits

Reduce DSO
Improve Cash Flow
Targeted Reporting
Debt Provisioning
Drives Accountability

Dashboards drive daily function and staff accountability through transparency

Cloud Computing no IT Footprint for your Business

Workflows get results and drive performance

It's right for every AR department and all businesses,
Global, Regional, SME.

What is it

Kuhlekt is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) Receivables Management cloud application. Kuhlekt is affordable, easy to use, proven, and secure.

Kuhlekt is a scalable solution, be it a global multi regional conglomerate to a private single region business operation.

Capital outlay is minimal with no IT requirements.

What does it do

Kuhlekt manages your full accounts receivable function; customer interactions, accounting reviews, and reporting. To-do lists allocate tasks to the collectors and prompts them for follow up through to resolution. ‘Suggested call’ listings pre-empt accounts requiring attention to minimize delinquency.

The system manages doubtful debt provisioning and tracks legal appointments.

Accountability and transparency is provided through manager overviews and a full reporting suite.


Kuhlekt ingests data from your financial system. It will work with any backend system, and is fully customisable.

Once the data is in the system, Kuhlekt then drives the activities for receivables management, customer interactions, and accounting review. Accounts are assigned to collectors, and the tasks for each collector are driven by powerful dashboards and to-do lists..

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